Presentation Sisters (Film)

In 2005, while Cork was European Cultural Capital, the artist Tacita Dean made a film called Presentation Sisters. This film is now part of an exhibition of the artist's work which runs at the Dublin City Hugh Lane Gallery from 22 March to 15 June 2007. 

ImageThe hour-long film was shot at South Presentation Convent in Cork City during the summer of 2005. Tacita Dean spent a period of time with the sisters and was struck in particular by the ‘communal rituals of eating and praying that highlight their day with a genuine camaraderie’. She was particularly drawn to the continued presence of these five woman in the original building built by the order’s foundress, Nano Nagle, a local to Cork. The film, which was made in full collaboration with the sisters, is a gentle and evocative series of images that captures the daily life of these sisters and their convent – a life that is facing an inevitable end in the absence of a younger generation.

As Tacita Dean wrote about the work, ‘Vocation, it seems, is lost to the younger generation and those daily rituals, orientated around meal times, female domestic labour and devotional prayer are all the more precious because they are finite.’

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