Nagle Rice Family Celebration

Celebration of Life in the Nagle Rice Family

On 23 June the Nagle Rice Family of Sisters and Brothers met in Cashel for their third celebration of the Charisms that they share as Sisters and Brothers of Nano Nagle and Edmund Ignatius Rice. This Gathering was a milestone for the 130 (approx) who attended. 

The gathering was a happy one where old acquaintances were renewed and old friendships re-kindled. Above all it was a blessed time, privileged by the presence of and input from Brother Philip Pinto, Congregational Leader of The Christian Brothers. 

ImageBrother Philip facilitated us as Sisters and Brothers in our ongoing search for God and challenged us to see an expanding God, ever calling us to grow and to find her on the margins of society,  with the voiceless and those made poor.  He reminded us that there is nothing fossilised about this God who lives in the hearts of all. 

We departed in a spirit of joy, renewed once more by our interaction with one another at the deepest levels of faith and belief.   Brother Philip challenged the Gathering, in gentle ways,  to look at “some of our sacred cows” (as Brother Bede put it) and be ready to leave them behind on our audacious pilgrimage of life.