Plan for Ministry 2007-2012

On Saturday, 22 September 2007, the Presentation Sisters in Ireland launched their Plan for Ministry 2007-2012. The plan sets out the key areas for Presentation Ministry in Ireland and was developed in light of the commitments made at the Congregational Gathering of the Presentation Union in 2006.

ImageThe Strategic Plan was developed by the Presentation Centre for Policy and Systemic Change at the request of the leaders of the three Irish Provinces of the Presentation Sisters and followed a process of consultation and reflection with Presentation Sisters and other Friends of Nano Nagle throughout Ireland . The plan focuses on five key areas and sets specific objectives to be achieved in each case.

The areas are Spirituality & Faith Development, Learning & Innovation, Social Inclusion & Outreach, Human Rights & Justice and Ecology & Sustainable Living. Underlying and binding all of the aims is a spirituality of being in communion.

The Plan was launched by Dr. Tom Collins, Professor of Education at NUI, Maynooth before a large gathering of Sisters and Friends of Nano. The Plan will be available for download for the website of the Presentation Centre.