Kilcock - The Story of Our Community

This convent was founded in 1897 from California, as a Novitiate for Sisters who intended to work for the mission in California.  Four Sisters came from San Francisco led by Mother Teresa Comerford.  They took over the primary school at the request of Rev. Dr. Thomas Geoghegan, P.P.  Novices went to California and later, India.  The house joined amalgamation in1934, becoming part of the Presentation Congregation of the diocese of Kildare & Leighlin.  

Prior to 1967, a commercial class operated in the higher classes of the Primary school. In 1970, following the introduction of ‘free education’ in 1969 (first announced in 1967), a new secondary school, Scoil Iosa, was built and all classes moved into the new building, both the regular secondary students and the commercial students. The school underwent significant growth at this time.

Several teachers were expert at theatrical productions and a pageant of Nano Nagle’s life was produced in 1975. There were several others produced over the years including Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, The Sound of Music and many others.

In 1990, Scoil Iosa was amalgamated with the Christian Brothers’ secondary school to form a new, co-educational school, Scoil Dara. This meant the introduction of a large number of pre-fabs to facilitate the extra numbers.  Co-education brought its own challenges but the staff and management coped very well with them. The convent generously gave 13 acres over to the new school for buildings and playfields – no mean advantage to the running of a co-educational school.

In the late 1990’s a new building was added. The school then had 46 teachers catering for a student population of just under 800 students.

In 1991, the convent was transformed into a Nursing Home for Presentation Sisters from the Northern Province. Current ministries include the Nursing Home for the Elderly Sisters, Counselling, Sacristy work, social contacts with parishioners and past pupils.

From this Convent, between 1880 and the early part of the 20th Century, Sisters went to California and later to India and Pakistan.